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The Board of Angels

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the board of Angels

connects us to the highest Divine Angels of another Reality and it is a Great honour and privilege to connect with these Wondrous Divine beings of Light

Thank you to the Wonderful Channie for bringing this information to our Exquisite planet, my Beautiful Teacher, Ariiah, and to the Divine Angels for their presence & support

      *The Board of Angel water Wishes for Spiritual Evolution             

55 pounds sterling

              *the Board of Angel water wishes for healing                              55 pounds sterling

     *the Board of Angel water wishes for a specific area of your life      

   such as relationships, abundance or other category(please specify)

55 pounds sterling

to change your wishes then please return the bottle for a New wish Free for three times

*The board of Angels initiation, meditation, healing, upgrade via Skype please ask

    *to become a giver of the board of Angels Via Skype               

850 pounds Sterling

If you wish to become a Teacher of the board of Angels I can put you in touch with my teacher, Ariiah, please ask

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